live tracking

to make your fans more effective

to help you perform better and be safer

Location service is our core

Live information

Behind everything we do is our belief that live information will make you more effective. As an athlete keeping tabs on yourself and your friends. As a coach, monitoring your athletes’ performance. As the fan by the side of the road. You'll be better at what you do when you know what's going on right now.

Experiences you'll love

Intuitive apps

Easy to use, clean and friendly designs are how we will deliver on our promise. We work tirelessly to provide you with tools that feel like a natural extension of yourself. As much part of your race and training environment as for your fans back home.

Cloud services

Cloud services

Our services are built on high-availability cloud platforms that automatically scale as we grow. We can handle millions of transactions per second which ensures that, no matter how many people we're tracking live, you'll be able to get the latest information on your athlete.

Devices Devices Devices

Engineered for growth

Technology is always evolving, increasingly so for athletes. We're building our platform to keep pace so as new innovations, new services, and new devices come online we strive to include them in our service, adding to your experience with even more actionable live data.


Social integration

Connect with your fans in ways you can’t today, live, either through our convenient automated notifications or through live updates shared to your social network to engage with your followers as you go.


Coming to you

As athletes ourselves we know how important it is to be able to interact with people locally at the event. We are ramping up to attend multiple events per month this season and plan to grow our attendance as fast as possible.

Seth Bibler

Seth Bibler

Founder, CEO

As a child Seth was involved in sports like soccer, swimming, cycling and more. In the past few years he rediscovered this passion in triathlon, cycling, and swimming events. He went from couch to an Ironman triathlete in 1.5 years at the inaugural Ironman Boulder in August 2014.

Seth has degrees in Computer Science and Business. As a 6 year veteran of Microsoft and nearly a decade of IT support, he has developed passion for intuitive, simple, and usable experiences.

Derek Chan

Derek Chan

Founder, CTO

Derek wrote his first GW BASIC program at 10. He immediately fell in love with computers. This passion drove him to get a Computer Engineering degree from his home, Hong Kong. He then moved to Austin for a Masters in Computer Science.

He worked for the better part of a decade at Verizon building web and mobile applications. After which he spent some time at a startup. Now he's at Alaska Airlines as their Enterprise Mobility Architect.

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